Sunday, January 15, 2012

Witch Way Update


With Edward's driving, we made good time to Forks. We only had to stop for gas. We pulled up to the massive three story mansion in Forks. My jaw unhinged. "Jesus…"

"What?" Edward asked.

"Can this place be any bigger?" I mused.

"It could," he laughed. "We've since added onto it."

"When was the last time you lived here?"

"About seventy years ago," Edward replied. "The Cold Ones that Jacob mentioned was Carlisle, Emmett and me. Rose was with Esme in Seattle. Alice had yet to join our family."

"Oh," I replied. Edward parked the car and we headed inside of the massive building. Edward unlocked the door and a musty smell invaded my nostrils. The air was also pretty stale. Together, we moved around the house and opened it up. We removed the sheets from the furniture which was actually pretty new. How is the furniture current?

Esme buys new items for each of our houses once every five years. This place got a makeover two years ago.

Cullen Mansion (Pittock Mansion in Portland)

Cullen Mansion

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