Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Next Chapter Update

The Happiest Place on Earth

"You've been a naughty boy, Edward. Should you get your Christmas present?"

"Fuck. Me."

"That's the plan, Dr. McFuckme," I smiled. "I like this Mrs. Claus costume a lot better than the one I wore earlier today."

"There's significantly less of it, Mrs. McFuckme," Edward purred. "I like. I like it a lot. Can I unwrap you?"

"I don't know. Have you been a good boy?" I asked as I sashayed to his spot on the bed.

"I think so," he said with a crooked smirk. "Please, Bella. I need you, beautiful girl."

"Hmmmm," I said as I ran my fingers along his collarbones. I reached for his tie and deftly removed it from his shirt. "I want to unwrap my present first." I unbuttoned his red shirt and with each button, I pressed a soft kiss to his chest. His soft hair that was scattered along his torso tickled my nose. His green eyes watched me as I placed open mouthed kisses along his pectoral muscles and down his abdomen. "You taste so good, Edward."

"You taste better," he smirked. "Will I be able to partake in the deliciousness that is you, my love?"

"Possibly," I breathed as I pushed the now open shirt from his shoulders, revealing his chiseled upper body. God, no man should be this perfect. He's all mine. "But, I get to taste ALL of you first, Edward. I owe you at least two orgasms. First my mouth and then," I paused as I crawled up his body to hover my lips over his. I pulled his lip into my teeth and licked his plump mouth. I released it as I tangled my hands into his hair, "and then my pussy."




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