Friday, January 20, 2012

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

“I was going to say that we all go around and say one thing in which we were blessed in the past year and one thing that wish to be blessed in the coming year, okay?” Marcus said. “Who would like to go first?”

“I will,” Rose said. “This past year has been filled with many blessings for me but the biggest one that I’m grateful for is my relationship with Tim. I love you, sweetie. For the future, I’m so lucky for my little ones that we’ll meet in a few weeks. I love you, babies.”

“Have you discussed names?” Alice asked.

“Not yet. We’ve tossed around a few ideas but nothing too serious,” Tim said.

“Yeah. We’re not naming our child Beatrice or Barney, Timothy,” Rose snarled. “Really?”

“I like Beatrice. It’s pretty,” Tim pouted. Rose rolled her eyes. “Anyhow, for the past year, I’ve been blessed with Rose’s news about our babies. I can’t wait to meet them. And well, for the future…” Tim reached into his pocket and knelt in front of Rose. “I was hoping, Rose, if you would do me the honor of becoming my wife? I love you so much and I want to spend my life with you. Having more children. Making a family. Please, Rosie?”

Rose’s eyes were filled with tears and she stared at Tim. She bit her lip and nodded minutely. “Yes, I’ll marry you, Tim,” she blubbered. “After our babies are born, though. I’d like to have my waist back.”

“Got it, babe,” Tim smirked as he slid a diamond eternity ring onto Rose’s slender finger. He kissed her passionately as the rest of us applauded. “You’re going to be Mrs. Tim Napleton.”

“Tim, I love you, babe. But, I’m always going to be Rosalie Hale,” Rose snickered. Tim sighed and nodded. “Okay, who’s next?”

“Rose, you are too much,” Edward laughed. “You just got engaged…and you’re so blasé about it.”

“SGD, Tim and I love each other. We know that. I have physical proof of it kicking me in the ribs right now,” Rose said dryly. “Besides, have you ever known me to be overly romantic?”


“Then, why should I start now?” Rose asked simply.
“Gotcha,” Edward said, nodding his head.

Rose's Engagement Ring

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  1. I think Rose and Time should maybe talk more about baby names. Not crazy about Tim's ideas. I'm glad that Rose and Tim are engaged. Maybe after they get married Rose can go by Rosalie Hale Napleton.