Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

“Bella? You okay?”

“Um…”I whispered. Edward didn’t wait for my complete answer. The door was opened and he had his arms wrapped around me, holding me to his chest.

“I’ve got you, beautiful,” he murmured. “I’ve never seen a headache do this to a person.”

“When you’ve been in a coma for months, your brain is sufficiently fucked up,” I joked lamely. Together, we headed back into the room where Edward helped put on my sneakers. The nurse came in a few moments later with my discharge papers along with a reminder from Dr. Burke to make an appointment in a week. She patted the wheelchair that she had in her hands. I scowled at it but knew I probably would be able to walk all the way to Edward’s car.

Once we got to the exit, Edward asked the nurse to wait so he could pull his car around to the doors. She smiled sweetly at him and nodded. She even twirled her hair, biting her lip at him. I glowered at her. She was totally eyefucking my boyfriend. I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for Edward to bring his car to the exit. I was feeling too shitty to put up a fight. Maybe if Edward saw how the nurse was ogling him, he’d realize that he should be with someone like her.



Not broken.

The Volvo pulled up and Edward hopped out. He thanked the nurse who pressed something in his hand as she blinked at him like a spastic poodle. He looked at what she placed in his hand and he threw it down. “No, thanks, Missy. I’m going to take my fiancée home,” he snarled.

“Fiancée?” Missy squeaked. “There’s no ring on her finger. There’s still hope.”

“Nope. Sorry, sweetheart,” Edward said sarcastically. “Come on, love. Let’s get you home.” He gently picked me up and held me to his chest. I looked into his eyes and smiled at him weakly. He placed me in the passenger seat of the car, kissing my forehead. He closed the door and he shot an angry look at Missy. He clambered into the driver’s seat and pulled away from the curb.

“What did she give you?”

“Her phone number,” Edward answered. “I’m off the market. Permanently. I may as well put a ring on your finger. You’re it for me, Bella.”

“Even though I’m a hot mess,” I said.

“You’re not a hot mess, Bella. Right now, you’re sick. Before you were scared. But, I refuse to let you go. Not without a fight,” he said ardently. “I know that our relationship has progressed quickly. Hell, it scares the crap out of me, but I’m not letting you go. I love you, Bella. Please believe that.”

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