Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Figure Eight Update

Past and Future

My poor Bella. After our trip to Jasper's office, she crashed for three days. Part of it was jet lag. The other part was emotional exhaustion. My love was told that she only had one more season of competing due to the injuries in both of her hips and ankles. Like a dutiful boyfriend, I held her as she sobbed uncontrollably. I got her ice when her hip was hurting. I did everything I could to make her happy.

But nothing would.

And I got that. I really did. I know how I felt after I fell, injuring my own knee when I was younger. I was afraid that I would never skate again. But, I rehabbed it and was able to still be a part of the sport that I loved very much. I delved into pairs skating. But my girl couldn't do that. She was done after this season. I wished there was something I could do to make it all go away.

After the three days of tears, Bella began her rehab stint with Emmett. While she worked with him, I worked with Carlisle and Rose on the ice. I also contacted Dr. McNamara from the medical school to see if there was anything I could do to freshen up my skills prior to entering my courses. She sent over a list of online courses that I could take at any time. I signed up for one that evening.

For two weeks, Bella rehabbed her hip while I worked on things with Carlisle and Rose. We worked separately until Thanksgiving. I hated being away from her on the ice. Rose was a good 'partner' but she wasn't Bella. Rose was nearly as tall as me in her skates and she didn't have the talent that my girl had. Rose was also much heavier than Bella and our movements weren't nearly as fluid.

In addition to working separately, our relationship had stalled as well. Bella was sleeping in her own apartment. She'd come up and visit or would invite me down for dinner. We never spent the night together. The one time I suggested it, Bella said that she had an early rehab appointment with Emmett and didn't want to disturb me. That pissed me off. We're supposed to be a team but she was pushing me away. What the hell?

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