Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

“Edward?” Bella called as she dropped her bags on the ground.

“I’m in the kitchen, love,” I squeaked out. God, you sound like a pre-pubescent boy, Masen. Bella walked into the kitchen. The first thing I noticed was her hair. She got a lot of it cut off  to her shoulders and it was very pretty. There were light golden and soft red highlights added throughout. It framed her face subtly and she was absolutely gorgeous. “Wow, baby. You look stunning.”

“You like it?” she asked, running her fingers through her newly shorn hair.

“I love it. It’s very elegant,” I said as I walked toward her, wrapping my arms around her tiny waist. She snaked her arms up around my neck and kissed me softly. She angled her head and deepened our kiss. My cock twitched when her tongue slid between my lips.


No, assholes.

“I’ve missed you, Edward,” Bella purred.

“I’ve missed you, too, love,” I replied. “Tell me about your trip.”

“Can we do it on your couch? I need to ice my gimpy self,” she teased.

I nodded and swiped an icepack from my freezer. I lay down on the couch, pulling Bella to lay with me on her side while she iced. “So, spill, baby.”

“Jesus, Edward. You’re like a gossipy girl,” she giggled. I scowled at her playfully which earned me a light smack to my chest. “Okay, so we left on Thursday. We weren’t even in the airport and the girls are giving me shit about being a megabitch to you.” I grimaced and dropped my gaze to her collarbones. She gently took my face with her hands. “I have and I’m so sorry, Edward. I was so entrenched in my own world. So pissed off that my skating career is ultimately over after World’s.”

“Bella, we can still do exhibitions. Take it easy, you know. Skate because we love to skate,” I soothed.

“I see that now. But it doesn’t negate the fact that I pushed you away. You’ve been nothing but supportive and loving and god damned perfect. I was a bitch,” she seethed. “I can’t apologize enough for my behavior, Edward. I love you and I shouldn’t have behaved so inappropriately. Can you ever forgive me?”

“Of course, Bell. I love you and I get how you are feeling. Trust me. When I fell from doing that quad and I jacked up my knee, I was experiencing the same things you were feeling. Why me? Why can’t I skate? I spent the first few weeks of my recovery from my knee surgery having the hugest pity party. My parents were ready to send me to a therapist because of my permanent foul mood. However, when my physical therapist said I could possibly become a pairs skater, I focused my attention on getting better,” I explained as I ran my fingers through her soft, silky hair.

“But you had that option. I’m now officially done, Edward. I don’t have the fall back of being a pairs skater. Now, I have to focus on getting a real job. Ugh,” Bella groaned.

“Bella, there are a million things you can do,” I said as I kissed her nose. “You got your degree in literature, right?”

She nodded and bit her lip. “I got a minor in journalism, too.”

“You could right for the Seattle Times. Or you could do color commentary for skating competition. Or you could write a book…” I listed. “Here’s a big one. You can help me proofread my papers for medical school.”

“That sounds sooooooooooo interesting, Edward,” she said dryly. I chuckled and pulled her closer. Bella removed the ice pack and nestled in my arms. Perfection. “I am sorry, Edward. I shouldn’t have…”
“I know, Bella. I get it. Probably more so than most,” I murmured into her hair.

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