Monday, January 23, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

Thanksgiving came and went. Bella and I spent the holiday with her dad up in Forks. She was still quiet and distant. I ended up sleeping on the couch while she was in her bedroom. Charlie gave me a sympathetic look as we left on Saturday morning.

The week continues in the similar fashion and I’m pulling out my hair in frustration. A week after Thanksgiving, Rose and Alice dragged Bella to Napa Valley. She was pissed. She said that she was going to miss her rehab. Rose smirked and said that Emmett taught her how to massage and work Bella’s hips and ankles. Jasper was snickering as Alice dragged Bella out of the apartment with an adorable pout on her face.

Once the door was closed, Jasper turned to me. “Is she still being distant?”

“Yeah. This trip is to try and get Bella out of her funk,” I shrugged. “This is the longest I’ve been in this apartment since we got back from England. And ironically enough, my girlfriend isn’t even here.”

“At her most recent appointment, I suggested she go into counseling. She’s grieving, Edward. Everything that she’s known is going to be gone in March. Bella, being as stubborn as ever, abjectly refused. Perhaps after this trip, if you suggest it, she may be more interested in going,” Jasper said.

“Possibly,” I said.

“Now, since our women aren’t here. Let’s enjoy some male bonding. I’ve wanted to check out this new sports bar forever,” Jasper snorted. “Meet me at my truck in an hour, Masen.”

“Got it, Jas,” I winked as I darted up to my apartment. I changed into a pair of jeans along with a button down shirt. As I was getting my leather jacket from my closet, my phone chirped.

We haven’t even boarded the plane, Brit. Bella’s missing you – Fashion Fairy

We’ll break her – Rose

Be kind…both of you – Edward

We’ll sashay her in our own special way, Brit. I think she’s finally realizing that she’s being a huge bitch to you – Fashion Fairy

Or she’s PMS-ing – Rose

Nah…that was a week ago – Fashion Fairy

TMI…I don’t need to know this! Text me when you guys land, please? – Edward

Will do, Brit – Rose
I pocketed my phone, slightly despondent that Bella hadn’t texted me. I sat and watched some television for a spell until it was time for me to head down to Jasper’s car.

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