Sunday, December 4, 2011

Plot Bunny

Check out my newest plot bunny...

Edward Cullen – 30, Chicago

·         Music Teacher – High School Choral Director in affluent high school district (akin to Lincoln-Way School District)

·         Divorced, father of five year old Ella, primary care giver to his little girl

o   Ex-wife is Jessica Stanley, nurse

o   Cheated on Edward with Athletic Director, Mike Newton

·         Just finished his Master’s Degree in Choral Conducting from University of Illinois at Champaign

·         In addition to being the choral director, he’s also the musical director and Pep ‘Banned’ director

·         Doesn’t NEED to work but does regardless – trust fund baby – Jessica got none of it: Prenup

·         Ready to move on from his divorce but worries about his dating will bode with his daughter

Bella Swan – 26, Chicago

·         Originally from Seattle, relocated

·         Co-worker with Edward, teaches junior and senior advanced English (AP)

·         Drama director

·         New to the district, but not to teaching

·         Dealing with a nasty breakup from her fiancé, James

o   He is enamored with her, almost to the point of controlling

o   Tried to control her friends, family and choices about her career

o   He hit her once and she left, breaking off the engagement

o   Begged for her forgiveness – refuses to do so

·         Subsequently wary about love

·         Is assigned to work with Edward on the musical as the drama director, he’s NOT happy about this.

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  1. Sounds very interesting if you write it I will read it.