Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Story Teaser: Finding Love Through Music

“Ah, Edward,” Mr. Smith said with an amiable grin. “Thank you for coming down so promptly. How’s the madrigal dinner script coming?”

“Almost done,” I said tersely. “Music rehearsals have been smooth and all I need to do is finalize the ending.”

“Excellent. I assume that Mrs. Rowe told you why I needed to meet with you?”

“Yes. Something about a drama director,” I snapped. “Bill, I’ve been the director of the musical as long as I’ve been here.”

“Relax, Edward,” Bill said. “The show is still going to be yours but you need some assistance. I’d like to introduce to you Bella Swan. She’s been hired as Sherrie’s replacement in the English department. However, in addition to her expertise in English, she was also a theater minor in college at University of Washington. Bella, please meet our cantankerous but brilliant musical director, Edward Cullen.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Cullen,” she said in a deep, warm alto voice. However her eyes were riddled with sadness and anger. She sneered toward me as we shook hands. “I know that you are used to running things on your own but Mr. Smith thinks that if we work together that we could make the spring musical something spectacular.”

“Edward, this past year has been…”

“I know, Bill,” I snarled. “In all of the madness, have I once taken time off?”


“The only day I had to take was the trial date to finalize my divorce. I was teaching by that afternoon,” I said as I ran my hands through my bronze hair. “I’ll admit that I bit off more than I could chew with Les Mis last year but I’ve chosen an awesome show for this spring.”

“What?” Bella asked.

Legally Blonde,” I answered. “I jumped at the chance to do it once the rights opened up. I have to do some minor adjustments to the script but it’ll be a lot of fun.”

Bella laughed slightly. “I auditioned for the touring company of that show,” she said quietly. “Was offered the part of Elle Woods.”

My brows shot up to my hairline. Bill looked at me smugly, daring me to not accept the help. “Did you take it?” I asked.
“I had some family issues to attend to, so no,” Bella replied, hiding behind her curtain of her mahogany hair.

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