Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Story...

Finding Love Through Music

"Mr. Cullen, please report to the main office. Mr. Cullen, the main office, please," came the disembodied voice of Mrs. Rowe, the principals secretary. I groaned and heaved my body away from my desk in my office. I was trying to finish my script for the annual madrigal dinner. I had most of it done but the ending was driving me insane. It just wasn't meshing.

I swiped a pad of paper and adjusted my tie before heading through the hallways of Springview Central High School. A number of students who were leaving for the end of the day bid me goodbye. I gave them my signature crooked smile as I walked through the hallways. But it wasn't a genuine smile.
I hadn't smiled for real in nearly a year and a half.

Not since I found my skank of an ex-wife was cheating on me with the athletic director in my school or when I found bottles upon bottles of pain medication hidden her purse. That she didn't need.

I hadn't smiled since I had to tell my angel, my Emma, that Mommy wasn't going to live at home with us anymore.

I hadn't smiled since my life was ripped apart.

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