Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

“Edward, I can’t find my passport!” I shrieked.

“Bell, relax,” Edward crooned. “I already have the passports, itinerary, and paperwork for our competition in my bag. You need to calm down, love.”

“Edward, this is huge,” I huffed out. “It’s our first competition. What if we don’t place? What if I fall and injure myself? What if you fall and injure yourself? What if…?”

“What if Liam dances on the bar and says he loves Stewie from Family Guy? What if Carlisle proclaims that he is a closet cross dresser and has a penchant for sexy halter dresses? What if Emmett makes out with Jasper?” Edward teased. “Bella, relax. Do I need to give you some major lovin to get you to calm down, baby? The day after our time with Jared at Gameworks, you were so chill.”

“Edward, as tempting as that sounds, I don’t think I can relax to enjoy it,” I blushed.

“Really?” Edward asked, arching a brow. I shook my head no. “Oh, I beg to differ, Ms. Swan.”

“Edward, we need to finish packing,” I breathed. He moved closer to me in my bedroom, caging me with his arms against my closet door. “Two weeks of clothes will not miraculously appear in my suitcase.”

“Fuck the clothes,” Edward purred as he moved closer to me, his nose running down my jaw. His lips gliding over my skin, igniting my flesh in flames.

Quick! Get the hose! It’s hot in here!

Yup. Burning up!

Or we could just direct that sweet man’s lips to your pussy, sweet cheeks. Plenty wet down here.

“BELLA! We need to go shopping! NOW!” Alice bellowed.

“Can I kill her?” Edward growled. “Meddlesome little dwarf. LEAVE US ALONE, WEE ONE!”

“Edward, stop sexing up my best friend and roommate,” Alice called through the door. “She’s starting to walk funny. I mean, what are you packing down there? A log? Shit!”

“Can  I please tell her Jasper’s secret?” Edward whimpered.

“No, Edward. I want to wait until it’s perfect,” I said as I kissed his nose. “And I do need to go shopping, baby. Pick up some goodies for our trip. If you feel so inclined, you can start packing my bag.”

“I have my own luggage to pack, Ms. Swan,” Edward pouted. “But I’d rather have fun, naked, sexy times with you, Isabella. Can’t we do that? Make Alice go away.” His lips met the sensitive skin of my neck. He kissed up my throat and reached my ear lobe, swirling it with his tongue. “I need my girl.”

“Are you horny, Edward?”

He thrust his hips and I felt his arousal press into my belly. “Does that answer your question, Isabella Marie?”

“Yes it does…take a cold shower, baby,” I giggled as I slipped out from under his arms. Edward growled and tossed me onto the bed. I laughed as I wrapped my legs around his waist. His lips and teeth were nipping at my mouth.

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  1. I hate Alice. She's ALWAYS so annoying. I can't stand her.