Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

The reception for Alex and Demetri’s wedding was a lot of fun. Edward and I gave our respective speeches being Best Man and Matron of Honor. Alex and Demetri danced in each other’s arms all night. Their lips were permanently attached to each other’s faces. It was borderline disgusting, but they were happy and in love. I couldn’t blame them. They deserved their happiness.

So do you and your geek charming…Mac needs to fucking disappear. Can’t Charlie make him go ‘poof?’ He’s a cop.

The final song that the DJ played was Etta James’ “At Last.” Edward pulled me to his chest and we swayed to the music. “I love you, gorgeous,” he said as he kissed my neck softly. “I’m so happy that we’re together and that you gave me a chance online.”

“I’m glad that you flew out to see me,” I blushed. “Look how far we’ve come.”

“I know. Married for almost a year with a beautiful four month old daughter,” Edward said with a crooked grin. “Want to get out of here?”

“We need to get Kyra ready to spend some time with Nana Esme,” I said in a sultry tone.

Momma’s getting some sexy times.

“Mom!” Edward bellowed.

“Give me your keys, sweet boy,” Esme laughed as she held out her hand. Without breaking his gaze from my eyes, he placed the key into Esme’s waiting palm. “Marcus and I were getting ready to leave anyway. Try not to have too much fun.”

“We won’t, Esme,” I smiled, still holding Edward’s penetrating gaze.
That’s not all that’s going to be penetrating you, sweetheart.

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