Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Three

"Daddy? Is she your girlfriend?" Emma giggled.

"What?" I barked, looking down at my seven year old daughter who should not know about what dating. "Where did you hear about boyfriends and girlfriends?"

"Jacob," Emma explained. "He's my boyfriend."

I'll kill him and lock her in her room until she's fifty.

"Emma, you're seven. Too young to have a boyfriend," I said, arching my brow over my glasses. I hated them but my contacts were not agreeing with my eyes as of late. "And to answer your question, Miss Bella is not my girlfriend. She's a friend. We're working together on the spring musical."

"It would be nice if Miss Bella was your girlfriend, Daddy. She's pretty and reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast," Emma said with a wide grin. "Mommy has her boyfriend."

"Don't remind me," I grumbled, rolling my eyes. I had to go on antibiotics because of her boyfriend. Not that I had slept with my ex-wife while she was fucking around on me, but I'd rather err on the side of caution. "This is a pleasant surprise, though."

"Emma was insistent on coming to hear the Pep Barn," Esme said as she put her hand on my arm.
"And she does have a point…a girlfriend. That sounds like a wonderful idea. You've been alone for so long, Edward Anthony."

"Mom, don't go there," I said dismissively. "My focus is Emma and then my job."

"Edward, you're thirty going on old fogey," Esme chided. "When was the last time you had fun?"

"Emma's birthday party," I countered.

"Having your daughter put bows in your hair and makeup on your face doesn't count," Esme said sternly. "Though you did look very pretty, Edward."

"That's because I did it, Nana," Emma smiled. "Pink is Daddy's color."

"Yes it is, lovebug," Esme teased. I rolled my eyes. "It brings out his eyes."

"Both of you are evil," I said as I swiped my binder of Pep Banned music.


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