Monday, December 19, 2011

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Four

"You know what? I need to tell someone about it. God knows I'm not getting any better by bottling it up anymore," I said. "My ex-fiancé beat me nearly to death."

Edward sputtered out his water and looked at me with shock. "Excuse me, what?"

"My ex-fiancĂ© beat me nearly to death," I said as I stared at the wood grain of the table. "It's not a pretty story. But for some strange reason I feel like I can talk to you. If you don't want to listen, I'll…"

"No, Bella. Please, I know I was an asshole when we first met but I want to listen," Edward murmured. He reached across the table and took my hand in his, gently rubbing my palm with his thumb.

I took a breath and flipped my hand in his. I pulled up my sleeve of my sweater, showing Edward one of my first scars that I had gotten from James' hand. I had broken my wrist and I needed surgery to get the bones reset. I had a seven-inch long scar from the surgery. "I met James Hunter when I was seventeen years old," I began. "He was a senior at Forks High School. Big man on campus. I was a junior. I was the resident theater geek. The only guys I hung out with were gay and the girls were catty bitches. But, I fit in with them. Not that I'm a catty bitch."

I smiled bitterly at the memory of how James and I met. The waitress had taken that opportunity to make her presence known. I ordered the first thing I saw and another glass of water. Edward did the same; his emerald green eyes never leaving mine.

"So, James," Edward whispered.

"Right, James," I sneered. "He was the captain of the football team. He already a full-ride scholarship to Stanford University for football. He was gorgeous, of course. Short blonde hair with piercing blue eyes. Built like a god. The guys wanted to be him. The girls wanted to fuck him. And did he fuck them.

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