Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Next Chapter: Update

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The next few weeks passed by quickly. I had gone to my appointments with Michele to discuss my feelings surrounding my mother's return. I pretty much accepted that she was a fucking bitch and would never be the mother that I wanted her to be. Thankfully, she hadn't come back to our house after Thanksgiving. If she had, I would have gone bat shit crazy on her.

In addition to my own therapy, we had begun to take Marie to see Dr. Didyme Marcus. The drive sucked, but she was a phenomenal doctor. It also helped that she was closer to Esme and Carlisle's age and was in a committed relationship with her partner, Ariadne, for over thirty years. Marie warmed up to Dr. Marcus immediately. They were more like old friends than a four-year old patient and her doctor. Dr. Di, as she liked to be called, said that Marie had an old soul but a buoyant personality. Our schedule with Dr. Di was pretty flexible but in a way, strict. We met with her once a week halfway between Albany and Sherryville. The times were the flexible part of our time together. However, we knew that we would meet with her every Wednesday.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Marie had speech therapy with a local speech pathologist. On Mondays, we had occupational and physical therapy. OT/PT was not really needed but we wanted to fine tune her fine motor skills. Marie was a bit clumsier than Lizzie and David.

Before I knew it, it was the week of the Christmas Ball. Charlie and Sue had flown in from Seattle.
They were taking their 'vacation' through Christmas before flying to Portland the day after Christmas to spend some time with Leah and her family. Leah and Jared, her husband, were going to be in Santa Fe for the holidays, spending time with Jared's family. Sue was taking Marie to her speech appointment and while Charlie took the other two ice skating at a local rink. I was forced to go to the dress shop, After Twilight Designs, to pick up my dress for the Christmas Ball.

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