Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Next Chapter Teaser

My phone shrilled from my purse which I had placed on the table in the foyer. I went to answer it. “Hello?”

“Bella, it’s Alice,” she rushed out.

“Are you okay, Ali?” I asked.

“I’m fine. I’m trying to get EJ into the tub and he’s refusing to get into it,” Alice grumbled. “Don’t forget we have our appointments to get our hair done for the ball tomorrow at two. Plus everything is getting buffed and beautified tomorrow, Bells.”

“I know, Alice,” I laughed. “You need to relax, elf.”

“Okay,” she sighed. “Jasper! Get your son. He smells! I’ll be there to pick you up at 1:30, Bells. Love you!”

“Love you, Alice,” I said as I hung up. “Your sister is having issues with her son. He won’t get in the shower or something. So, she used that time to call me and remind me about my hair appointment.”

“She’s Alice,” Edward shrugged. “Her mind has never been what you classify as ‘normal.’”

“Don’t tease Alice,” Charlie said with a frown. “She’s an excitable one. And she’s not here to defend herself.”

“Got a soft spot for my big sister?” Edward teased.

“Yep. She’s so sweet,” Charlie said, arching a bushy brow. “Be nice. Both of you.”

“Yes, Dad,” Edward and I both replied.

“Mommy and Daddy got in trouble,” Lizzie giggled.

“Someone needs to go to timeout,” David snickered.

“To your room,” Marie chirped.

“We’ve been punished beautiful girl,” Edward frowned, but his eyes were dancing with mirth. “How long is our punishment?”

“An hour,” Lizzie proclaimed.

“We’ll be back,” I said with a pronounced groan. Edward and I trudged up the stairs. We closed the door and as soon as it was locked, we began our punishment.

Orgasms. We had orgasms.

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