Monday, October 10, 2011

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood UPDATE


"Bella! Wake up, gorgeous," I said as I shook my wife awake. She looked at me blearily and wrapped her arms around my neck. "What is it, love?"

"Emmett," she sobbed against my chest. "He got us all. We were all dead. Where's Kyra?"

"I'll get her, baby," I cooed as I got up. I scooped up my baby girl and carried her to our bed. Bella took her from my arms, burying her nose into her curls. Tears were falling down her cheeks as she held our principessa. I put my arms around my girls and held them. I wanted to take Bella's pain away. But, the only way I could do that is to make Emmett go away.

And that ain't happening.

Fuck my life.

Bella slumped against me as Kyra nestled against her mother's chest. I gently picked my daughter up and put her in the pack and play. She whimpered slightly as I put her down. "Shhh, love. Daddy's here. I love you, principessa." She stopped her cries and conked out. I slipped back into the bed, holding my wife to my body. I was willing the bad dreams away. But they wouldn't truly dissipate until Emmett was behind bars or dead.

I was secretly praying for the latter. He needed to get his just desserts for killing Carlisle. I may have hated my sperm donor, but he didn't deserve to die.

I eventually drifted to sleep. I woke up to Bella cooing to Kyra in the rocking chair in our bedroom. I checked the clock and groaned inwardly. Today was my first day back on the job at Whitlock Technologies. I had done as much as I could while in Italy but I needed to actually be in the office.
"Are you going to be okay while I'm at work?" I asked as I slipped out of the bed, watching Bella
nurse Kyra.

"Yeah. Rose is coming over to pick up some maternity clothes," Bella said quietly. "Then Johnny is going to work with me to get me back in shape. Because Momma's got a pooch, little one. Yes. She does."
Alice and Jasper, birthday

Bella and Edward, birthday

Rose and Tim, birthday

Bella and Edward, restaurant

Bella and Edward's wrist tattoos

Alice and Jasper's birthday gift

Rose and Tim's birthday gift

Alex and Demetri's birthday gift

Marcus and Esme's birthday gift

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