Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Figure Eight Update

Foundations and Nightclubs

I held Bella closely to my chest. She was still wearing my black dress shirt from the night before. Without. Panties. Gah! Her ass was pressed against my morning wood. I could feel her warmth through the cotton of my boxer briefs. I buried my nose in her soft curls, inhaling her vanilla and lavender fragrance. She hummed quietly, nestling closer to me. Her hips rotated and caused my monster to wake up even more.
You know, you could just slip your boxers off and slide right in…

I'd rather my girlfriend be awake and coherent the first time we make love, assholes.


Shut the fuck up.

"Edward? You're mumbling," Bella said sleepily.

"I am?" I squeaked.

"You told me to shut the fuck up. Little hard to do that since I'm asleep," she said, pinching my bicep.

"Sorry, love," I said as I kissed her neck. "That wasn't meant for you. I was talking to myself."

"Okay, Edward," she giggled as she turned around to face me. "Riveting conversation?"

"Oh, always," I said as I brushed her hair from her face. Just cockblocking us, moron.

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