Sunday, October 2, 2011

Figure Eight Update

Parents and Kids

The next month was spent working on our programs with Carlisle. Liam came over and offered some suggestions in late July. It was nice to see him. He shared some random news from the home front and left a few days later. In addition to the lullaby and Fever, we learned two other routines. The music was still a question mark regarding those pieces, but the choreography was learned. It also helped to work with someone who had a sense of work ethic. Tanya complained more than practiced. Bella worked herself to the bone.

Probably too hard. She was suffering from the stomach flu and still insisted that we skate even though she was puking every other minute. After the third time of her running off the ice, Carlisle deemed her done and made me drag her home. She pouted until I threw her over my shoulder and skated with her off the ice.

She puked down my pants.

That was not fun. I had to drive us home in my boxer briefs. The ONE day I don't bring a pair of workout pants, I get puked on. Bella was down for the count for nearly four days after that. I ended up driving her to the hospital because she was so dehydrated. She grumbled the entire time but she had easily lost nearly fifteen pounds from throwing up. I could almost count her ribs through her shirt. After her stay in the hospital, Bella got better and eventually recovered. Thank goodness.

She insisted on staying with Alice whilst she was sick. I hated that because I wanted to take care of my girl. But she said that felt bad enough puking on my pants, she didn't need to further infect me with her funk. After a few hours of sleeping fitfully, I used my newly made key to Bella's apartment and snuck in to sleep with her. She gave me shit, but I could care less. My love was sick and I wanted to make sure that she was healthy.

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