Saturday, October 1, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

We never got a phone call from Charlie or Renee that night. Or the following night. Bella had turned into herself, not talking to me, Alice or anyone else. She went through the motions of her life, like before. Before I had come into her life. After the third day of Renee’s tantrum, I called Carlisle saying that I was taking Bella up to Forks to get this situation with her mom figured out. He readily agreed.

I went down to Bella’s apartment and let myself in. Bella had been sleeping there since the fallout. I was so lonely without my girl. Alice said that she was still asleep in her bedroom. I nodded. I opened the door and picked Bella up from her bed. I unceremoniously dumped her in the shower, turning the water on. She shrieked and glared at me.

“EDWARD!” she yelled. “What the fuck?”

“Get showered and dressed. We’re going for a ride,” I said, arching a brow at her, daring her to try and defy me.

“I’m not going anywhere. We have practice,” she said as she stood up in the shower. Her breasts were clearly outlined by her wet t-shirt.


Not the time, asswipes.

“We don’t have practice,” I said. “Carlisle gave you the day off.”

“And who are you?” she snapped. “You can’t tell me what to do.”

“I can’t, but you need to talk to your parents,” I said, pleading with her. “I miss you, Bell. I miss my girlfriend.”

“I’m right here,” she shrieked.

“No, you’re not. You’re in your head again,” I frowned. “Please, shower and we’re going to Forks.”
“Ugh, fine,” she said. I nodded and left the bathroom.

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  1. Omg. What happened? She got in a fight with her parents? Is it because she told them about falling for Edward. I love your teasers but I also hate them because I am a very greedy person I always want more.