Sunday, October 16, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

Bella and I skated onto the ice, lacing our fingers together. “I love you, Bell.”

“I love you more, Edward,” she said as she squeezed my fingers. She rose to her toe picks and kissed my lips chastely as the announcer called us onto the ice. We moved together and made our way around the rink. We glided to our opening positions and waited for the music to begin. With the lullaby, Bella did a solo skate. For this routine, it was all me. Bella held her position as I glided around her. I did some footwork and moved into a spiral sequence. Before I knew it, I was doing my Tano Lutz and landing near the boards. I skated back to my girl and twisted her in my arms as the first chorus piped through the sound system.

Her hand rose elegantly to touch my face. On her face, she held a look of complete serenity and beauty. I cupped her face as I dipped her. I righted Bella and took her hand. We glided along the ice, moving and building up speed. I threw her into a split triple twist. She smiled triumphantly as I placed her on the ice. I grinned happily at her expression.

We moved into our side by side camel spins, dropping to sit spins. We stopped our spins and I stared into Bella’s eyes. I caressed her cheek before pulling her into an overhead hand to hand lift. I hefted her easily above my head as I slowly spun. She flipped out of the lift and landed with her back to my chest. With a few pumps and crossovers, I prepared an inside edge death spiral. With a flourish we separated and began to build up more speed for our side by side triple toe loop jumps. We landed them cleanly and did our footwork. The routine was coming to an end. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

For the final part of the routine, I gathered Bella in my arms and dipped her, leaning her across my knee as I glided to a stop. Bella gazed up at me. “That was awesome, Edward,” she said quietly.

“It’s because we’re an awesome team, Bell,” I murmured. I leaned down and kissed her sweetly before we took our bows. The audience was going completely mad. We waved at the fans before we exited the rink to change into our Fever costumes.

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