Wednesday, September 28, 2011

La Cantante Update

First Day of Forever

"Dude, you're wearing a hole in your carpeting," Jasper drawled from his spot on my family room couch. He was sipping some coffee and idly flipping the channels. "Relax. Pacing will not make your wedding happen faster."

"Jasper," I whined as I flopped down next to him. "I'm dying here." I hopped back up and started my pacing again.

Emmett came up behind me and pushed me into a chair. He sat down on top of me with a snort. "Fuck! Get off me, you cow."

"Will you calm down, Eddie?" Emmett asked as he bounced on my knees.

"Yes, and that hurts. You weigh two tons and not doing anything good for my knees," I grumbled. I pushed Emmett off my lap and scowled at him.

"Edward, you need to seriously relax," Senior said. "But, I don't blame you for being so anxious. I was the same way when I married Liz. These two clowns don't realize what it's like to be marrying your soul mate."

"Thank you, Senior," I said as I flipped Jasper and Emmett off. "I'll be laughing at your weddings and you're doing the exact same thing that I'm doing." They shrugged. "Morons. I'm going to get ready."

"Before you do, can we talk?" Senior asked.

"Sure. Let's go into the living room," I said. Charlie was nibbling on some toast in the kitchen, reading the newspaper. He gave me a smile as Senior and I walked past him. Senior sat down in a chair. I settled into the couch opposite him. I rubbed the fabric, remembering when Bella and I got this couch. We christened it. Five times.

"Edward?" Senior asked.


"You were petting your sofa and spacing out," Senior laughed. "Let me guess, making sure the couch was conducive to being with each other?"

I blushed furiously and buried my face in my hands. Senior laughed and clapped my shoulder. "Edward, you're a grown man. You have the right to have sex on your furniture. Besides, grandchildren are nice."

"Senior," I said. "We're not ready for children. It's not something that's feasible right now. You'll get your grandkids. In time. Be patient."

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