Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Figure Eight Teaser

Alice handed me a garment bag with a wink. I unzipped and inside was one of her latest creations. It was a black dress with red, pink and fuchsia designs on it. I smiled and went to put it on the bathroom. It hugged my body. You could see every curve. Alice had also included my lingerie, a pair of hot pink panties and matching bra.

Once I was finished in the bathroom, I went out into my hotel room. Alice had changed into a strapless dress. It had a zebra print on the top and ruffled red taffeta on the bottom. She looked very cute in her outfit. She handed me my shoes and we waited until Emmett and Edward came and got us. A few moments later, a quiet knock filled the room and the lock clicked. “Hello?” Edward called. “Everyone decent?”

“Yep,” Alice chirped. The guys came in and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. Edward was wearing a pair of gray dress pants, white dress shirt and a pink tie. The same tie from our Fever routine. He smiled crookedly and put his arms around my body.

“You look absolutely gorgeous, love,” he said as he kissed my lips. He ran his nose along my jaw, inhaling deeply. “I love the way you smell, Bell. I should bottle it and sell it. Almost good enough to eat.”

“It’s not every day that I hear about how edible I smell,” I giggled as I tugged on his damp hair. “I could say the same about you. You always smell like your cologne, body wash and something that is inherently you.”

“God, you two are so nauseating,” Emmett said, rolling his eyes.

“I’d rather be nauseating than a freaking porno,” I retorted. “I’ve seen more of your bare ass than I care to, Emmett McCarty.”

“It’s not my fault you don’t knock,” Emmett snorted.

“It’s the damn training room, moron,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Gross, Em,” Edward and Alice both groaned. Emmett shrugged.

“Come on, Ron Jeremy,” Alice said as she tugged on Emmett’s gray dress shirt. “Let’s give them some privacy.”

“Perhaps you should be calling Edward ‘Ron Jeremy,’” Emmett said with a waggle of his brows.

“Don’t make me kick your arse,” Edward barked. Alice smacked Emmett on the head and shoved him out the door. “Is he always that thick?”

“If you mean stupid, then yes,” I answered.

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