Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

He saw an article about his mother. She had remarried one of the esteemed Volturi brothers in Italy. There was a picture of Esme and Marcus Volturi in the article. They looked so happy and in love. He read further. Apparently there was drama at the wedding. Edward Cullen’s wife, Bella Cullen, passed out and had to be rushed to the hospital. Bella Cullen, who was seven and half months pregnant, was admitted to the hospital. “I hope she and her demon spawn died.”

Mac typed in Bella Cullen into the search bar. There were a few pictures of her and Edward. Some from the foundation opening, some from their wedding and the most recent pictures were from Italy. Bella and Edward were holding a baby. Mac clicked on the article from a gossip magazine.

Software and Web Security Wunderkind Welcomes a Beautiful Baby Girl!

Edward Cullen, 32, and his wife, Isabella Cullen, 26, welcomed their first child. A bouncing baby girl, Kyra Marie Cullen, was born on July 15th by C-section. Isabella suffered from a medical complication with her pregnancy that forced her to stay in an Italian hospital for the final month of her pregnancy. However, both mom and baby are perfectly healthy.

The Cullens are definitely enjoying their happiness. Whitlock Technologies, which Edward Cullen is one of the CEOs, has just cracked the Fortune 500 top 100 companies. In addition to that, Cullen has been named Philanthropist of the Year in Chicago. Isabella is one of the top editors for Eclipsed Sun Publishing and is working on her first novel, A Nerd Story of Love, a semi-autobiographical tale of her relationship with her husband. It will be a fiction piece but she’s drawing on her real-life experiences to tell the tale.

Edward, Isabella and baby Kyra are staying in Italy until the doctors release baby and momma to fly. An inside source says that they are anxious to get home and ready to begin their lives with their baby in Chicago. This picture perfect family has it all: looks, intelligence and money. Great things are heading your way, Cullens!

“I’m an uncle,” Mac murmured. “I have a niece.” His heart stammered and for a brief moment he felt something. Not anger. Not resentment. But after another moment, Mac’s face turned back to its original sneer and he logged off the computer. “She’s inconsequential. She may lose her daddy, but I have no attachment to this brat.”

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