Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Figure Eight Update/Picture Teaser

Baseball and Vegas

"Bell?" I asked. Her eyes were glazed over and she was shaking. "Bella? Baby?" She blinked a few times and looked up at me. "Love? Are you okay?"

She smiled and kissed my lips softly. "I'm fine. Just spaced out a little bit," she said in a breathy tone. "You want to stay here or head back to the apartment."

"I like it up here and the day is gorgeous," I said as held her to my body. "Did you know that your hair has a reddish tint to it?"

"Very astute observation, Edward," she giggled. "Your hair is all sorts of different colors. Most women would pay a shitload of money to have these kind of highlights."

"Um, thanks?" I snorted. "My hair is a hot mess. No matter what I do with it, it always just sticks up like I'm a crazy person. Or stuck my finger in an electric socket."

"I think you look hot," Bella said with a smirk. She kissed my lips sweetly and nestled back in my arms. She thinks I'm hot. YES! *fist pump*

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around the park near the Space Needle. Bella wanted us to go into the music museum but I said we could do that for another fun date. I just wanted to take her back to my apartment and cuddle with her. She was so incredibly beautiful and smart and my heart stammered when I was around her.

I was definitely falling in love with Isabella Swan.

Edward and Bella at the Wynn Pool

Edward and Bella, Lullaby

Edward and Bella, Fever

Edward and Bella, finale

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