Thursday, September 29, 2011

Figure Eight Update!

Clubs and Birthdays

I almost told Edward that I loved him. Holy shit. Did I love him? Yes, I did. The past two months that we had been together was nothing short of wonderful. He'd been incredibly gentlemanly, patient and loving. When I imagined having a relationship, I'd pictured what I had with Edward. He did everything that I imagined and more. His generosity was endless. Every time he had an opportunity to spoil me, he did. And I'm not talking with things. He did give me the beautiful pendant and earrings from the Space Needle and my bear, Tony. But he was always generous with his time, his affections, and his mind.

I'd also seen him fall apart, too. After his first therapy session, he fell into himself, grieving for his father. He tried to be strong for me but when I told him to let go at his apartment, the floodgates opened. His sobs were heart breaking. He held me so tightly. I just let him cry against my body. I hated to see such a strong man fall to pieces like this but he needed to do it. He was finally coming to grips with the death of his father. It was a very touchy subject for anybody else, but Edward spoke with me candidly about his relationship with his pops.

After that night with his therapist, I spent every night in his arms. I couldn't be more thrilled. After the first week, I started to chastise myself that this was moving too fast. That night, I spent it in my own room. For an hour. I missed his body wrapped around mine. I grabbed my keys and slipped into his apartment. With ninja-like skills, I snuck between the sheets and back into his embrace. To say that he was surprised to find me there in the morning was an understatement.

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