Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Figure Eight Update!

Tangos and Practices

"Edward, that was fucking perfect. You and Bella are partners. The skating world will seriously tilt on its axis. Just having you practice with her was fucking amazing. Can you believe it? I mean, you're partners," Liam rambled as he drove us back to the hotel. "What should be your first routine? What type of music? Something jazzy? Classical? Movie soundtrack?"

"Liam!" I barked. "Relax. We have all the time in the world to discuss this But, I need you to be quiet so I can resign from the British skating federation." I held up my cell phone and smirked.

"Oh, right," Liam said. "Go ahead."

I dialed the British skating federation. I knew that it was closed but I left a message saying that I needed to be released from my contract. I was invoking my dual citizenship and competing with an American. I also said that I would email the information and fax it over when I had something typed out. Liam had already submitted paperwork for the United States skating federation. They explained to my coach that once they received word from the British skating federation that I was released, I'd have a year before I could compete. We could perform at different venues, but not compete. Tentatively our first major competition was going to be the Nationals in Chicago. We'd have to compete at regionals but that was not a concern. Nationals would be the first glimpse of us as a pair. We couldn't perform at any of the Grand Prix competitions because of the sanctions on my status.

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