Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fanfic Recommendation: Welcome Home Soldier

Welcome Home Soldier:
Edward is a handsome, well trained military man. When he returns home after eleven years of being away with a huge surprise what will happen? Will his family be supportive? What happens when he meets the beautiful Bella?

Bella is a beautiful, family orientated, educated woman. She has everything going for her, she has her own business, and one person who she absolutely adores. What happens when she meets Edward? They both come with baggage. Will they put aside their issues? Will they be accepting of each other's baggage? What happens when some unforeseen issues tries to tear them apart?

Only time will tell the future for these wayward souls. (Summary by author)

Okay, so a friend of mine, Isabelle, started writing this AWESOME story called Welcome Home Soldier. In the first two chapters, I'm completely drawn into the story. Edward returns home to Savannah, Georgia from three deployments from Iraq after receiving a medical discharge. With him, he brings a little boy that he found in an Iraqi orphanage named Aiden. He moves in with his parents until he can get settled.

After his return, he discovers that Aiden has no baby formula and he runs to the grocery store to pick some up. In the store, he meets Bella with her daughter, Emma. Emma is immediately enthralled with baby Aiden and begs her mom for a baby 'broder.' They have an immediate attraction but they go their separate ways.

Edward returns back home and cares for little Aiden. He eventually falls asleep but is plagued with PTSD nightmares.

In the following chapter, Edward runs around to get a new truck (a nice black Chevy Silverado) and is searching for his own place. He does all of these errands with his parents and the love and respect for them are evident in their interaction. It appears that Edward has a soft spot for his 'mama.' I loved his reactions to his mom.

Anyhow, they meet up with a real estate agent to look at different homes. Edward finally decides on a beautiful home with four bedrooms, three full baths and two half baths, PLUS an in ground pool. As luck would have it, the home is on the same street as the beautiful Bella. Emma is excited to see Edward (Edvard) and the baby. She asked to see him, but Edward hands Aiden to Bella, indicating to a knee brace.

Their attraction continued to grow while the talked about the impending purchase of the home in Bella's neighborhood. Aiden gets fussy. Edward gets ready to leave, but is sad to do so. He asked if he could see Bella again. They agree and Edward leaned in for a kiss. It was sweet, innocent and perfect for these two. They swap phone numbers and Edward drives off, unable to get Bella out of his head.

Anyhow, this story is starting off very sweet and I can't wait to see where Isabelle takes these characters. They seem real and you want to know more about them. She gives you little inklings and leaves you wanting more (desperately!) I teased her that I wanted her to post the next update like now. But we all know that writing is something that takes time. I will be waiting with baited breath until she posts the next update.

Until then, I'll just pine for Military Daddyward...


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