Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Next Chapter Update!

Dr. Kate

Our week in Seattle was coming to an end. Based on what the specialists and therapist said, Marie does have a form of autism. As odd as it sounds, I'm glad that they were able to pinpoint what was wrong with our little girl. It also pissed me off that the doctors we had seen in Sherryville and nearby Nottingbrook, didn't know jack. My wife, who was a teacher, diagnosed our baby. Those idiots could not.

Just knowing that made me want to pursue the chief of staff position. I'd submitted my resume and was on a very short list of candidates to replace my uncle once he retired after the first of the year. I also spoke with him at length about the hours he kept. He told me that it would be more stabilized since I would be working with vendors, board of directors and department heads. More nine to five. I could still work a shift or two in the ER and possibly even pick up a few surgeries on the surgical floor. Mainly as a teacher for future trauma surgeons, which was my specialty in addition to pediatric trauma. Also the possibility of hiring more esteemed doctors appealed to me, too. Replace the morons who couldn't diagnose my sweet girl.


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