Saturday, August 27, 2011

Figure Eight, Character far


Figure Eight
Bella Swan – 23, from Forks, Washington – trains in Seattle

  • 5’3”, brown hair, brown eyes, petite and athletic, graceful on ice, clumsy off of it
  • Figure skater
    • Paired up with Jacob Black
    • United States Figuring Skating ‘Sweetheart’
    • Similar looking and style to Sasha Cohen
  • Sweet as pie in the public, but has a stubborn and nasty streak; especially to her partner
  • Coach is Carlisle Cullen who is divorced
  • National Pairs Champion for the past three years
  • HATES her pairs partner
    • She feels like he’s crude and rude
    • Despite her hatred of him, they perform well at competitions
  • Single, never had a boyfriend – too busy with training
  • Best friend is Carlisle’s daughter, Alice who also happens to be her costume designer
  • Rosalie Hale is Bella and Jacob’s choreographer
  • Father is Charlie Swan, police chief of Forks
  • Mother is Renee Swan, consummate ‘ice stage’ mom
    • Overbearing
    • Protective
    • Pushy
Jacob Black – 25, from La Push Reservation, just outside Forks, Washington

  • 6’0”, black hair, black eyes, russet skin, muscular and athletic
  • Figure skater
    • Paired up with Bella Swan
    • Bad Boy of the figure skating world
    • Remiscent of Victor Petrenko in his hay day
  • Doesn’t like Bella and makes his opinion publicly known
    • Wanted to date her
    • Bella said no…repeatedly, saying that she needed to focus on her training
    • Makes her life hell on and off the ice
  • Coach is Carlisle Cullen
  • Manwhore – sleeps with and fucks anything with tits
  • National Pairs Champion for three years
  • Despite his hatred of Bella, performs well with her
  • Early in story, falls and completely tears his ACL, MCL, and meniscus in his landing knee, rendering him sidelined for the remainder of the season, possibly permanently
Edward Masen – 24, from Manchester, England

  • 5’11”, bronze hair, green eyes, muscular and lean, athletic and fit
  • Figure skater
    • Paired up with Tanya Juneau, another English skater
    • Very classic style, elegant movement, very graceful – Brian Boitano or Todd Eldredge
    • Class act in the skating world
  • Partner is a bit of a mess
    • Had a nasty spill and injured her back
    • On pain killers
    • Takes steroids on the sly
    • After a random drug test, is banned from the sport leaving Edward without a partner
  • Mother is Esme Masen, she’s also his publicist and agent
    • Recently widowed by Edward’s father, Edward Senior
      • Passed away from a heart attack
      • The night that Edward and Tanya were disqualified from the English National Competition for Figure Skating        
    • Hates, abhors, despises, loathes Tanya
  • After Tanya is banned, Edward goes on a search for a new partner
  • Carlisle contacts Esme and they set up a meeting for Bella and Edward after Jacob’s fall
  • Bella is AGAINST working with Edward
    • Loves his skating style
    • Doesn’t want her reputation tainted because of drugs
  • Esme and Carlisle force them to work together
  • Surprise, surprise – sparks fly
  • Reluctantly, Bella agrees to work with Edward with conditions
    • Compete in USA
    • Train in Seattle
    • Random drug tests
  • Single, just ended a long term relationship with Tanya’s cousin, Kate Denali

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