Tuesday, August 9, 2011

La Cantante Update: Chapter 100


"Best. Fucking. Birthday. Ever," Edward said as he licked his fingers clean.

Did he just do that? In a crowded bar? With my brother standing no more than ten feet away?

Yes. Yes, he did.

I smiled seductively and kissed his soft lips. "It's only going to get better, handsome," I said as nibbled on his lower lip. I did get Edward a birthday present. However it was sitting in our apartment. It couldn't come with us. I spoke with the symphony orchestra at Emerson and had his final from music theory recorded by them using the equipment. I also got him a new guitar. I did bring a card with me. I know he asked if he wanted to get a house. I was hesitant. I mean a house is a big deal. Huge. Massive. But, if getting a house meant that Edward would be happy, and then a house we shall get.
In the card, I inserted a handmade gift certificate good for one humble abode near the campus of Emerson University. I'd give that to him tonight. If he's not too sloshed. By the look of it, Edward was close to being completely hammered and it's barely even ten.

I darted off his lap and went to freshen myself up a bit. He had gotten me all hot and bothered. I hastily wiped between my legs and washed my hands. Once I was done, I went back up to the VIP section of the bar. Timmy was trying to get Edward to do another shot. By the look on his face, he was adamantly opposed to the idea. I swooped in and dragged my fiancé down to the dance floor. We moved to the music of the techno beats. Edward's hands grazed my ass and his eyes had a predatory look to them.

My fiancé is horny when he's drunk.


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