Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 41

ANSOL teaser...

“Bella, what suit should I wear?” I asked, biting my lip.

“Go conservative. Navy,” Bella replied. “You’ll positively republican.”

“Shut it,” I said, shooting a glare at my wife. Wife…sigh. “I’m not republican, damn it. Dubya was the devil, I tell you.”

“I’m just giving you shit, angel,” Bella said as she wrapped her arms around my waist. “Navy suit, white shirt and a burgundy tie.”

“Thanks, love,” I said as I kissed her forehead. I grabbed my suit and shirt from the closet. I slipped it on my body and tucked in my shirt. I swiped two ties from my tie rack and held them up. “Which one?”

“The paisley one,” Bella said. I nodded and pulled it around my neck. I was shaking as I was putting on my tie. I grumbled as I couldn’t get it to work. “Edward, relax.”

“I can’t,” I moaned.

Bella sat me down and quickly tied my tie for me. She cupped my face and gave me a soft smile. “Edward, he can’t hurt you anymore. He’s going to jail for a long time.”

“I just have this bad feeling,” I said as I rubbed my belly.

“Me too. I’m slightly nauseated too,” Bella said as she frowned. “But we’re in this together. We Cullens are unstoppable.”

“That’s right, Mrs. Cullen,” I said as I kissed her nose.

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