Monday, August 29, 2011

Figure Eight: New Story

Nationals and Knees

"Damn it, Jacob! Stop touching my boobs as you're lifting me," I growled.

"Come on, you love it," Jacob purred as he batted his eyes.

"No. I don't. Come on, we have only three minutes left in the warm up skate before we perform for the United States Nationals," I seethed. "Star lift and don't touch the tatas."

"Fine," he said as he adjusted his stance. We built up speed and Jacob lifted me into a flawless star lift, soaring over his six foot tall frame. He may be a pain in the ass, but he was strong and he has never dropped me. I flipped down and landed softly on my skates. "See? I can play nice, Isabella."

"When you want to," I said as I jabbed in the ribs. "Do you want to win?"

"Yes, I do," he said. "Let's do this shit, babe."

"Don't call me babe."

We finished doing some basic lifts and spot checked a few places in the choreography. Before we knew it, warm up skate was done and we got off the ice. We were the favorites for the National Championship. We coasted through the short program and now we were last to skate for the long program. It was our third year together as a pair. Jacob and I hated each other off the ice, but he was an amazing partner. He was strong, confident and driven. Everything I looked for in a pairs partner.

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