Sunday, August 14, 2011

ANSOL Update!

A Nerd Story of Love is now complete...WAAAAAAAAAAAH! The epilogue is up.

A blonde man jogged across the street. He was huge. Built like a linebacker. He ran his hand through his hair, hating the feeling of it.

Why blonde? Why did I choose blonde? He thought to himself. Oh well.

He adjusted his glasses and sat down in a café, waiting for his companion. He looked around furtively, afraid he was going to recognized. But he wouldn't. He was far from home. If he could even call where he came from 'home.' It was just a place to live. To work. To get through the mundane realities of his life.

But he missed it.

Shit. Can't he ever be on time? I've got things to do.

With another look at his watch, he fidgeted. However, something caught his eye. Finally, he thought as he saw his companion striding down the street. He was wearing a black pair of jeans and a black leather jacket. Appropriate for the weather in Minnesota in April. There was at least one more good snow left in the air, but it wasn't happening today. It was bright and sunny in lovely Duluth.

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