Saturday, August 13, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 43

“Sorry about losing all control,” she giggled. “You were just so fucking fuckable.”
“Jesus, Bella. You’re mouth is getting really dirty,” I snorted. “Fucking fuckable?”

“Yeah, filter is gone,” she giggled. “I’m going to clean up and then head out to the hotel. Sorry, again for essentially mounting you like a rabid, horny animal.”
“Do you hear me complaining?”

“Then, don’t apologize, love,” I smiled. She slid off my lap and grabbed her pants. She went into the bathroom. I heard the water run and I just fell back against the bed. Insatiable, that one. Christ on a cracker!

“Edward, I love you baby, but that’s not a sight I envision. You with your pants around your ankles and your flaccid cock hanging out,” Bella said as she leaned against the door frame. “What if your mother decided to pop in? Or Ricky or Johnny? Talk about embarrassing.”
I growled and pulled my pants up. I flipped her off as she danced down the stairs.

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