Saturday, August 13, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 43

ANSOL teaser...

“Good. How are you?” Jasper asked as he sat on my desk.

“I’m fine. I guess. It’s weird being thrust into this role of the ‘head of the family,’” I said, lowering my voice. “With Carlisle gone and Emmett a million shades of crazy, it’s me now. Esme doesn’t want it and I’m the voice and the face of the Cullen family.”

“How are things with you and Bella? I know that I’ve turned into freaky protector man with Alice,” Jasper joked. “Thanks for the name of the security firm you’re using, too.”

“No problem. And to answer your question, I’m freaking out. Emmett is in the wind after he killed my father. I mean, Carlisle was a first class douche, but he didn’t deserve that,” I said. “He would have no issues snuffing any one of us out in a heartbeat. I was so needy after Carlisle’s death. I definitely needed to feel Bella and be with her in every single way. Hold her, touch her, kiss her…”

“Fuck her.”

“As sad as I want to admit it, yes, fuck her,” I blushed. “I desperately needed that reassurance. And she called me on it.”

“I know. Alice told me about your fight with the vase and the wall. Did the wall
win?” Jasper snickered.

“Yes. Yes, it did. There was nearly a two foot sized hole in my music room because I threw I large crystal vase through the wall. The next morning, Ricky and I tried to fix it and it was pointless. Really. I had to get a contractor to patch it. If I continued working on it, I’d put another hole in the wall,” I said dryly. “Anyhow, we talked it out and sobbed together. I felt like such a pansy. I mean, no one has seen my cry since seventh grade. Except for your wife-like person.”

“Wife-like person?” Jasper snorted. “Dude, she’s my wife. We’re RENEWING our vows. In a church for your mom. And mine. God, she was pissed when I told her that I married Alice in Vegas. She was squeaking so high that all of the dogs in the greater Houston area were barking for days. ‘Jasper Whitlock! What were you thinking? A quickie wedding? Have you lost your fucking mind? Did getting divorced from Maria NOT taught you anything?’”

“God, that so sounds like your mother,” I laughed.

“Good old Ruth. Gotta love her,” Jasper sighed. “Anyhow, speaking of which, I need to pick up my parentals and few of my other family members from the airport. I’m out of here.”

“I don’t need to plan another ‘bachelor party’ for you do I?” I asked.

“No. Since, I’m already technically married, it seems kind of pointless,” Jasper shrugged. “But, I do need you to pick up the rings and my present for your sister. Here’s the claim ticket.” Jasper handed me the tiny slip of paper. It was from our jeweler. “I’d get it myself, but Alice has me on a tight leash getting a million things for our renewals. Oh, and get the groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts from this store.”

“I’m picking up my own damn present?” I asked, arching my brow.

“Yeah, that’s slightly tacky.”

“Only slightly.”

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