Friday, August 5, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 39

“Breathe, Edward,” Pastor Weber said as he rubbed my arm comfortingly. I took a deep breath and followed him onto the platform. Once I took my spot to the pastor’s left, the string quartet finished their song. An arrangement of Clair de Lune filled the quiet sanctuary of the gardens. Alex carried his basket and spread his red flower petals with a grin. He pranced and danced up the aisle, garnering many snickers from our friends and family. He even got me to chuckle quietly. As he strode past me, he smacked my ass and hissed at me to relax.

Next up was Demetri and Alice. They walked slowly up the aisle. I giggled internally at their size difference. Demetri was easily 6’5” with long flowing brown hair that he pulled back into a sleek ponytail. Alice barely came up to his navel in her dress. Her hair was pinned and curled with small clips. As she moved toward the front, Alice winked at me mouthing that she loved me. I smiled. Jasper and Rose were up next. They glided down the aisle and took their spots. Jasper squeezed my tense shoulders, whispering that Bella was absolutely gorgeous.

Was there any doubt?

The string quartet music faded again and the arrangement I created of her lullaby wafted through the air. Our friends and family stood up and I saw Charlie’s dark brown hair. I stood on my tip toes to see if I could see my bride. However,  I couldn’t. Not yet.

Why did they stand up? Sit down, people! I need to see my wife!

Once Renee and Charlie reached the halfway point, I saw her. Angels sang. Babies wept. Rainbows shot across the heavens. The fat lady sang.

You are losing your damn mind, Cullen.

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