Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 38

“Oh, Jazzy,” Alice moaned as she put her head on my chest. “I love you.” Her hand snaked up my ribs and took purchase on my right boob. “Jasper? You need to go on a diet. You’re getting man titties.”

“Alice,” I whispered. “I’m not Jasper.”

“Holy fuck!” she shrieked as she jumped out of bed. “I’m so sorry, Bella. I didn’t mean to grope you.”

“No big deal, Alice. You did all night,” I said with a wink.

“Bellini! Wake up, my sweet girl,” Renee sang. She swept into the bedroom and put a tray over my legs. “Breakfast for the bride-to-be.”

“Thanks, Mom,” I smiled.

“I’m going to shower and then we’re going to head out to the spa for a day of beauty. I’ll put out your clothes,” Alice said as she hopped out of bed.

“There’s breakfast for the rest of you girls on the counter in the kitchen, Alice. Rose and Esme are already down there,” Renee said with a smile.

“Thank you, Renee.”  Alice went to suitcase and pulled out a red velour track suit. She also took out a matching white one with a black tank top. She placed it on the bed before skipping out of the bedroom into the bathroom.

Renee sat down next to me and brushed my hair from my face. “My baby girl is getting married tomorrow. I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it, Mom,” I said as I tucked into my French toast. “Did you make this?”

“God, no. Esme did,” Renee giggled. “She saw me struggling and took over. She’s such a sweet lady, Bella. Much like your fiance. I can see where he gets it from.”

“His mom raised him right,” I smiled. “So, do you regret it?”

“Regret what?”

“Mom, really? Your tattoo that you got,” I laughed.

“I regretted it last night when I tried to go to bed,” Renee grumbled. “I couldn’t get comfortable. What prompted me to get the damn thing on my ankle, I’ll have no clue.”

“It’s a pretty tattoo, Mom. Suits you,” I said as I finished my breakfast.

“The two that you got yesterday are beautiful too. Not to mention the one on your ribs,” Renee said. “What does it mean again?”

“I love you. Only you. For eternity,” I replied, blushing slightly. “Edward has the same one on his hip.”

“Yeah, that surprises me. Edward is so refined. I would never peg him as a tattoo guy,” Renee tittered. “Though, I do have a question for you, Bellini.”


“Why a crest and the crown?”

“Edward’s my prince charming. Or rather, my geek charming,” I said quietly. “I just hope he doesn’t freak out with the new ink on my neck. With his initials and our wedding date on it.”

“How are you wearing your hair for the wedding?” Renee asked.

“Up. I’m not afraid to show off what I did for him,” I said, almost defiantly.

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