Saturday, August 12, 2017

Shaky Ground Teaser

Edward walked into the conference room, dressed in a suit and tie. Dr. Volturi requested his presence, along with Isabella’s for a meeting regarding Heidi’s behavior. Isabella was already there, sitting next to Aro and speaking with him. “Edward!” Aro beamed. “Glad you could make it.”

“I had to run home and change, but I wouldn’t have missed this,” Edward said, shaking Aro’s hand. “Dr. Swan, always a pleasure.” He took her hand and squeezed her tiny hand. “How’s your knee?”

“Better,” she answered.

“What happened, Bella?” Aro asked.

“I was out jogging when I took a header. Dr. Masen helped me out. Though, I may have to get it looked at by a specialist. It’s stiff, but it was an old injury,” Bella explained.

“Dr. Jackson is an excellent orthopedist,” Aro sang. “He worked wonders on my shoulder injury.”

“Shoulder injury?” Edward asked.

“I was in the service. It’s what paid for medical school. I got shot in Desert Storm and it wreaked havoc on my shoulder. I had several surgeries, but it was Dr. Jackson who fixed it, once and for all,” Aro nodded. As he was speaking, Heidi walked in with a representative from the nurse’s union. She was dressed demurely and she looked repentant. “Thank you for coming, Nurse Shapiro. Alfred, always a joy to see your face.”

“Stop giving my nurses shit and you won’t be seeing me,” Alfred snorted. “Now, this is a witch hunt against Ms. Shapiro. She’s a single mother, working very hard to provide for her little boy.”

“I hope you received my file I sent over to you,” Aro said coldly. “There are over twenty documented instances where Ms. Shapiro made unwanted sexual advances to various male staff members, including Dr. York and Dr. Masen.”

“Why is Dr. Swan here?” Heidi asked. “I didn’t make a pass at her. I’m not a lesbian.”

“No, but you did make comments about how Dr. Masen was, quote, ‘yours’ unquote. I believe you remember my response, Heidi,” Bella said.

Heidi pursed her lips and clenched her hands into fists.


  1. Oh I hope Heidi gets 'hers,' single mom with son or not, her behavior plus remarks are very uncalled for, esp. at work!!

  2. I know a lot is single parents who work in medical field. They know right from wrong. Hope she finally gets what is coming to her! Shame!