Friday, July 7, 2017

Shaky Ground Update

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Bella slammed her hand on her desk. He was human for one day. Then, he turned back into the asshole that Bella remembered. He stayed that way for next few weeks. He was snide, rude and not necessarily disrespectful, but not a bowlful of happiness either. He turned on the charm when Dr. Volturi was around, but once he was gone, Mr. Hyde came back, angry and bitter.
Rubbing her hand, she sat back and just shook her head. Her best bet was to ignore Dr. Asshole, or Mr. Hyde, or whoever the fuck he was. Very rarely were they called in on the same case. He was an ED attending, not really dealing with pediatric cases. Those were filtered to her. She took care of her littlest patients, doting on them and when she could, spending time with them up on the ward.
Bella was building a reputation for herself, separate from her father and her colleagues, bosses and friends were taking notice.
Everyone except Dr. Asshole.
And he can stay that way.
Bella finished her paperwork, working diligently until Alice and Rose poked their heads into her office. “Be with you in a minute,” she said.
“Aren’t you done yet?” Rose quipped.
“A surgical resident. Giving me shit?” Bella snorted. “You have the night off?”
“Yep and we’re going out dancing,” Alice said.
“Am I going to be the fifth wheel again?” Bella whined.
“Girl’s night out,” Rose said. “The guys are working.”
Bella beamed, saving her work and picking up her purse. She danced out of the office, shutting the lights and locking the door. As she was walking with her friends, there was a low rumble. The lights flickered and Bella stopped dead in her tracks. “What was that?”
“Probably a small quake,” Alice said. “Don’t worry, Bella. We’re fine.”
“The ground moved,” Bella said, pointing to the floor.
“Don’t let the ground moving deter you from bumping and grinding with some random hottie, or getting drunk,” Rose snorted, dragging Bella from her spot. “Maybe you can meet someone who can the earth shatter with his tongue.”
“Oh, God,” Bella laughed. Alice and Bella clambered into Bella’s Mercedes while Rose followed in her red BMW. They parked their cars and went up to their apartments, agreeing to meet at Bella’s car in an hour. After a quick shower, and fixing a few fallen items from the small quake, Bella and Alice were dressed. Alice was in a turquoise halter dress with silver shoes and her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Bella was in a black skirt with a purple tank top. She put on a pair of knee-high boots. She put her cell phone, ID and some cash into her pocket. “You bringing a purse?”
“That’s what my bra is for,” Alice chirped, adjusting her breasts. “Can you tell I’ve got money stashed in there?”
“A little,” Bella chuckled. Alice rolled her eyes, smacking Bella’s arm. “Let’s go.” They rode down to the garage. Rose was wearing a slinky red dress and black heels. “Damn.”
“Shut up. I wear scrubs for a living. I like to show off my figure,” Rose smirked.
“We all wear scrubs for a living, Rose,” Alice giggled, clambering into the backseat of the car.
“You know what I mean, shorty,” Rose sighed. “Now, I’m in the mood for Eclipse. It’s a dance club near the Space Needle. I’ll give you directions.”

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