Monday, July 17, 2017

Shaky Ground Update

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To say that Edward avoided Bella like the plague was an understatement. After that night, he had dreams, extremely sexy dreams with her as the star. He got hard when he smelled a strawberry and his imagination of being buried, balls deep in her sweet pussy was too much to bear. So, like an asshole, he hid.
That’s because I am an asshole, he thought.
He worked, but avoided the peds ER. He would walk the other way if he saw her. He would make sure that the other attending physicians would sign off any orders, if needed.
He liked what they did too much. Her warm, sweet body pressed to his. How she clung to him during the earthquake, trembling in fear. The way her lips molded to his while the kissed. How perfect she felt around his cock.
He couldn’t. Nope. She was the enemy. Like all women. She’d break his heart, just like … like … Voldemort.
Edward had enough fodder for the spank bank until his next moment of weakness, but there would not be a repeat of what had transpired the night of Fourth of July. Ever.
“Edward!” called Dr. Volturi. “I’m glad I caught you before you left.”
“What is it?” Edward asked, turning to the chief. He was tan and relaxed from his vacation, making Edward slightly jealous.
“I got a call from Dr. York. His daughter is sick and his wife is out of town,” Dr. Volturi said. “Could you stay?”
“I worked four double shifts while you were on vacation. I’m exhausted,” Edward said honestly. “Not to mention, attended a budget meeting that you neglected to mention. I know I’m usually one to say yes, but I’m dragging, Aro. I’m behind on my dictation and I think my fridge is filled with a science experiment.”
“Of course. I’m sorry,” Dr. Volturi said. “I’ll just call my wife and say that I can’t make it to my granddaughter’s dance recital.” He took out his phone.
“Fuck,” Edward spat. “I’ll do it, Aro. But, I’m off for the next three days. No phone calls, no emergency calling me in. Nothing. I haven’t asked for a damned day off since I became an attending. And remember it when I have my next review. I definitely go above and beyond the call of duty.”
“I’ll even pay for a cleaning lady to address your refrigerator problem,” Dr. Volturi chuckled. “My little Renata will be pleased. Thank you, Edward.”

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