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Out of the Darkness Update

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Flying with Charlie was smoother than with Edward. His dark brown eyes watched everything before he banked, moving beneath the cloud bank. Edward’s home appeared and my stomach lurched. I’d said so many hateful things. “He doesn’t hate you. He hates Carlisle right now. He’s mainly sad for you,” Charlie said, moving and landing gently on the back deck.

“He should hate me,” I whispered as Charlie put me down. “I hate me.”

“Sweet girl,” he said, capturing my chin and staring into my eyes. “So much pain.” He growled lowly. “They further punished you by assigning you to Heidi.” He tugged me into his arms. I cried, gripping his polyester uniform shirt. I felt Charlie stiffen. “Carlisle, I suggest you leave her the fuck alone.”

“I only want to apologize,” Carlisle said, his voice meek.

“It was her love and acceptance of me that gave me back my powers. Don’t think I won’t knock you on your ass,” Charlie snarled. “You guys abandoned her! The only people who give a shit about my daughter are Alice, Edward and Esme.” Charlie’s wings were around me. I felt protected, but it was different than how I felt with Edward. It was a parental protection.

“I think staying down here on Earth has corrupted you, Charles,” Carlisle argued.

“Damn right. But, all that matters to me is my child,” he hissed. “She was alone … and hurting and no one cared. I’m disgusted with you and with everything that’s happened. And to think, she’s …” Charlie stopped talking abruptly. “Alice needs help. I hope you have …”

“The legion is already there,” Carlisle said. “Please, come with me, Charles.”

“Charlie. I’m Charlie and I’m not going anywhere,” he spat. “Not until I attempt to make things right with my daughter. She needs me and I’m not going to turn my back on her. Not now. Not ever. And it shouldn’t have happened in the past! My heart is shattering with the amount of pain she feels. Don’t you feel it?”

“Of course, I do,” Carlisle argued.

“It’s an empty pain,” I heard and my heart jumped. “Because Bella feels like she’s just a shell of human.” I turned around as Charlie’s wings loosened. I saw Edward. His face was pale and his eyes were so very sad. “Betrayed … used …” he continued, his eyes narrowed at Carlisle. “You could have prevented this. But, no. You were too pissed off at Charles … Charlie … to even care what happened to the child. I never thought that God would be vindictive. But, this takes the cake.”

“Carlisle, my love, I think you should go,” Esme said softly, but there was an edge to her voice. “Go help Alice. Make this right and don’t open your mouth.”

 Carlisle did open his mouth and Charlie hissed. Carlisle’s mouth clamped shut and he took off, disappearing. Esme looked at me, her eyes swirling with concern. “Come, child … you must be cold.”

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