Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Magic Within Teaser

Parking near the office, I slipped out of my car and into the office. However, something was amiss. My body was trembling at the power inside of the office. Even my hair was tingling. Something was not right and I was being led into a goddamned trap.

Fuck my life …

My hands were in rigid claws. The power was overwhelming, making my spine tingle. I kept my face impassive, moving slowly. “Hello?” I called out. “Mr. Turner? I’m here to talk to you. It’s about my lease?”

Mr. Turner walked out, his body movements stiff and uncoordinated. “Mr. Cullen,” he said, his voice bland. “Thank you for coming.”

“Yeah, well, I have another appointment. How much do I owe to break the lease and to pick up my stuff from my place?” I asked. The air around me was growing colder. My skin felt too tight. Mr. Turner stared at me, blankly. “Mr. Turner?”

“Sign here,” he said, handing me a piece of paper. It was blank.

“Sign what? This is blank,” I said, holding up the white paper. “Look, if you’re going to waste my time …” Turner glared at me, leaping over the desk and pushing me onto the ground. I pushed him off my body and hopped up, allowing the power flow through me. Turner was on his hands and knees, snarling lowly. He morphed into a large wolf. His snarls grew angry and he sprang toward me. I shot up a wall of ice, but the wolf easily broke through it, latching onto my shoulder. I yelled out in pain, throwing him off me.

Stay human. Stay human. Stay human.

Holding my arm, I created a sword out of ice. The wolf attacked again. I pushed the sword through the animal and it howled, broken and anguished. Tossing the wolf onto the desk, it collapsed under its weight and amongst the ruins, a naked man lay in it. The man was not Mr. Turner. He was tall, with long black hair and a tattoo on his shoulder. The sword was through his body.

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