Saturday, June 3, 2017

Out of the Darkness Update

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I flew back to the summit of Mount Rainier. It was cold as balls and it was snowing. Again. “Carlisle, couldn’t you pick a warmer climate?” I asked, landing in front of him. “It’s freezing.”

“I don’t feel a thing,” Carlisle said. He was wearing his armor, with his blade strapped to his hip. This was the Carlisle I was used to seeing. Not the man who was wearing Calvin Klein chinos and a Ralph Lauren sweater. “You must be used to living the human lifestyle, Edward.”

“The wind temperature is below freezing and it’s windy as fuck,” I grumbled, stuffing my hands into my pockets.

“Language, son,” Carlisle chided, arching a brow.

“Sorry,” I said, looking down abashed. “What’s up?”

“It would appear that Riley has disappeared from our radar. He was in and around Port Angeles for most of the weekend, but he blinked away. We think he’s gone into hiding underground, gathering strength for whatever he’s got planned. Also, Rosalie, Bella’s former boss, has a great deal of hatred in her heart, making her ripe for the picking to join Riley’s army. Her hatred is spilling over to her boyfriend, Emmett. I know you know both of them,” Carlisle said.

“I worked for Emmett on a rehab job before taking the long-term sub position at Bella’s school,” I said, shivering and using my wings to warm me. “Emmett is a good guy.”

“But, he’s being corrupted by Rosalie. His guardian angel, Seth, is trying to sway him back to our side, but he’s enamored with that woman,” Carlisle frowned. He moved, standing on a snow-capped rock, looking out over the dreary landscape. “I’m also concerned about Jasper. He’s been growing despondent, hatred growing inside him.”

“No,” I frowned. “He can’t … I know that …”

“He can’t look past what you did and he hates you, Edward,” Carlisle murmured.

“When will it happen?” I asked.

“Once you return to Bella, I’m calling Alice and giving her one more night with him before he’s recycled. He has the chance to be redeemed, but he needs to learn from his mistakes. If he is able to forgive and forget in his next life, he will be granted another chance. However, if the hatred remains, he will die and not live an eternal life with Alice.”

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered. “It’s my fault.”

“No, Edward. It was always Jasper’s undoing,” Carlisle said, taking my face and forcing me to look at him. “You felt remorse for what you did and continue to feel remorse. Jasper is quick to cast blame and that blame has festered into something more.”

“Okay,” I nodded.

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