Thursday, June 1, 2017

La Musica del Cuore Update

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The Plains States … the drive is so fucking boring. You see plains of corn, wheat and perhaps, soy. It all looked the fucking same. I was going bat shit crazy with sheer boredom of the damned drive. Added to the boredom was the absolute silence from James and his cray-cray accomplice, Victoria. So, I was as nervous as a whore in church, on top of being bored out of my god damned mind.

“Edward, stop squirming,” Bella said, her head on my lap. She was trying to nap since looking out the window, overlooking the endless plains of grain, made her seasick.

“Sorry, beautiful,” I murmured, picking up my book and trying to focus on the words on the page. Don’t get me wrong, our performances while in America’s Heartland had been fucking awesome! The crowds were receptive, loud and excited and we felt so much better with each show. It was just the hours on the bus, watching the corn grow, was … ugh!

“Edward,” Bella growled, sitting up. Her hair was disheveled and her eyes were bleary. “You are so antsy. What’s up?”

“Nothing! Maybe I’m like you. I’m getting seasick with all of the grain,” I snorted. “Do you want to lie down in the back?”

“Yeah. My pillow won’t move around so much,” Bella deadpanned, swiping her glasses from the table and moving slowly to the rear of the bus. I followed her and she crashed the rest of the ride to Wichita, while I managed to get lost in my novel.

Our performances in Wichita and Kansas City were nothing short of stellar. Kellan was raving at how fantastic we sounded, from our harmonies, to how we looked to the sexy interaction between me and my wife. Now, that’s a total hardship. The way he bounced around, he looked like Tigger from Winnie, The Pooh. It reminded me of our early performances at Eclipse near the campus of Emerson University.

After our show in Kansas City, Kellan wanted to celebrate the string of fantastic performances. “It’s all arranged. We’re going to Mosaic Ultra Lounge,” he said, tugging on his black suit coat. He was dressed impeccably, probably thanks to Alice’s meddling. “We’ve been living like moles. We need to let loose.”

“Agreed,” Jasper said, slinging his arm over Nia’s shoulder.

“After you shower,” Nia snorted, wiggling away from him. “You’re drenched.”

“The air wasn’t working properly,” Bella said, her hair twisted up into some messy bun. “Meet in the lobby in an hour?” 

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