Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The One That Got Away Teaser

Bella knew that this was monumental for Edward. He was trusting her with his heart, his body, his soul. Her hands slid along his chest and he leaned forward, pressing his forehead to hers. Blowing out a breath, he cupped her face and kissed her sweetly, tasting her soft lips. Their kisses were tender and reverent. Edward’s hands moved down and slid around her waist. She was pressed against his hard body. She giggled. “What, sweetness?” Edward asked.

“I’m trying to be all sexy, but I’m struggling with this brace,” she said, looking at it with malice.
Edward snickered, taking it off her wrist. She rolled her hand, grimacing. “Feel more seductive now?”

“Let me wash my hands,” she said, kissing his cheek and scampering to the bathroom. Edward sat down, laughing and blowing out another breath. This was so perfectly them. It was a welcomed distraction from what they were about to do. Bella’s endearing behavior made his heart swell and calmed him tremendously. With his ex-wife, she was all about being in control and getting off, not really caring about him or his needs. But, with Bella, Edward could laugh, have fun and remember what it was like to make love. Not fuck. Not have sex, but physically showing another person how much they love the other, sharing one body and connecting their souls. “Dr. Superhero,” Bella said, waving her left hand in front of his face. “You’re spacing out.”

He caught her hand, looking at the ring that was on her finger. He ran his thumb over the diamond and smiled. “You said yes,” he breathed.

“I said I would,” she murmured, stepping closer to him and running her fingers through his hair. He hummed as her fingernails ran along his scalp. Gently coaxing his face up, she looked at him. “You tell me … you’re in charge, Edward. You want to stop. We stop.”

He stared at her, a crooked smile spreading over his handsome face. “This is why I love you, Bella. Thank you,” he breathed, leaning down and kissing her. Breaking away, his voice was gruff, “And I don’t want to stop. I want you, sweetness. It’s been far too long.”

Caressing his mouth over hers, she melted into his arms. Her lips were soft, molding against his. She sighed, her arms sliding around Edward’s body and holding him closely. Their kisses were filled with love, respect and adoration. Bella’s fingers danced up his spine before they tangled into his hair. He tasted her sweet lips, lost in her embrace and feeling her soft body against his. Pulling back, her cupped her heart-shaped face. Her lips were swollen and pink from their kisses and her eyes were dilated, rheumy with desire. He felt no fear, only the overwhelming need to be with her. “I need to touch you, Bella.”

She blushed, nodding. She wore an elegant, but sexy red dress. It was a wrap dress, giving her delicious curves and enticing him with the low-cut front. His fingers moved up her arms and across her collarbones. Resting on her chest was the journey pendant he’d given her for Valentine’s Day. It glittered in the dim glow of the Christmas tree lights. He picked it up and chuckled. “We’ve traveled quite a journey, sweetness.”

“We have,” she said, smiling wistfully. “But, our journey just beginning. We have the rest of our lives to complete that journey. And we’ll be together.” She pressed her head to Edward’s chest. He jumped, his eyes flying to hers. “Together, baby.”

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