Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The One That Got Away

Bella ended up staying in the hospital for a week to monitor any further symptoms like the substantial headache, her staples in her head and the blurry vision. The nice thing was she had the private suite, thanks to Carlisle’s pull in the hospital. However, she got very little sleep because the nurses would constantly check on her every hour or so. She was exhausted and anxious to get home. And by home, home with Edward.

A shower was in order, too. Bella just felt grimy from not being able to shower with her injuries. Sponge baths helped, with the help of the nurses, but it wasn’t the same.

Now, Edward made arrangements to end her lease at her apartment, no penalty because of the water damage she’d experienced earlier in the month. With the help of Charlie, Jasper, who was visiting from Seattle, and Mike, they moved Bella out of the apartment and into his home. They also emptied out her storage unit, putting most of her belongings into the unfinished portion of the basement.

Edward was adamant that he would take care of her once she was out of the hospital because she was struggling with memory loss and gross motor skills. Bella was clumsy naturally, but after her brain was scrambled, she was as wobbly on her legs like a newborn deer.

Both of them were on medical leave until after the new year. Edward had to deal with the emotional aftermath of the revelation of Tanya’s ultimate betrayal. Bella couldn’t focus her mind on anything longer than a minute or two and was not allowed to do anything other than sleep or relax until the doctors cleared her. The twins, after meeting with the family counselor Kelli recommended, would go back to school the Monday after Bella’s release from the hospital.

Which couldn’t come fast enough.

It was Friday, almost one week from when Bella went after Tanya, protecting her children from that heinous monster. She was waiting with Esme to be released, getting the paperwork from Dr. Wells. Esme was puttering around, packing up Bella’s bags and making sure everything was good to go. “I’m going to bring some of this down to the car, sweetheart. Edward will be here when he’s done with his therapy session in a little bit and I’ll be back in ten minutes. There was no parking today,” Esme laughed.

“Thanks, Esme,” Bella said, leaning back on the bed. She was dressed in a pair of yoga pants and one of Edward’s Dartmouth hoodies. She stared out the window, her vision still fuzzy, but getting better.

A few moments after Esme left, there was a tentative knock on the door. “Bella?”

She turned and saw the tall form of her ex-boyfriend, Jacob Black. “Jake, what are you doing here?” she asked. 

Jacob Black

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