Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The One That Got Away Teaser

Edward’s car had been towed. Apparently, he parked in a tow zone or in the chief of staff’s spot, or something. It was open and he didn’t honestly care. He called his parents and Carlisle arrived. “Edward, I’ll get the whole car thing situated,” his father said, flustered for his son. “Dr. Holt is a douchebag.”

“Whatever,” Edward said, shrugging sullenly. “I don’t care about the car. I don’t care about anything but seeing my kids and having Bella open her eyes.” He looked at his father. “How are they?”

“Asleep with your mother in our bedroom,” Carlisle said. “Liam is pissed and Lucy … she’s just lost, heartbroken.”

“I’m going to get them some help. This was a nightmare and it’s impacted their lives,” Edward sighed, leaning his head back in Carlisle’s Mercedes. “I’m also going to keep them home tomorrow. I don’t want them to be the butt of other kids’ jokes. And with their scantily clad, biological mother getting carted off in handcuffs … that would definitely make them a huge target.”

“I’d do it for the rest of the week. Send them back on Monday, after they’ve met with a counselor,” Carlisle said, squeezing his son’s shoulder. “Their birth mother tried to kidnap them. It’s going to take time for them to feel safe. They’re going to need their father and their mother.”

“Too bad their mother is in a hospital bed, in a medically-induced coma,” Edward scoffed, his emerald eyes hardening. “They won’t be okay until Bella’s home.”

“You may want to call her boss and explain the situation,” Carlisle said. “Bella’s belongings are in the backseat.” He gulped and slid a glance over to Edward as he found Bella’s cell phone. “The attack has been on television, too, Edward. Bella’s name or the children, they haven’t been mentioned, but Tanya’s face was splashed all over the newscasts.”

“Great,” Edward grumbled, opening Bella’s cell phone and finding her boss’s cell phone number. He pressed the button and waited. “Hello, Sarah?”

“Edward, why are you calling using Bella’s phone?” Sarah asked.

“Look, today, Bella was in an incident involving my ex-wife. Have you seen the news?” Edward asked.

“Tanya Denali is your wife? She tried to kidnap your kids?” Sarah breathed. “Are they okay?”

“Ex-wife, yes. And they’re physically unharmed, but emotionally, a mess. Bella, however, is hospitalized with a head injury and a fractured wrist,” Edward said. “I know that she’s new to the university, but she’s obviously going to need some time off.”

“Oh, my word! Yes!” Sarah said. “Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll take care of everything. Tell Bella to get better soon and that I’m thinking about her.”

“Sarah, it’s serious,” Edward whispered. “I don’t …” His heart cracked, along with his voice.

“Edward, she’ll be okay,” Sarah replied. “And I’ll take care of everything.”

“Thank you,” Edward sighed. “I appreciate it.” 

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