Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Magic Within Update

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My Beloved Edward,

If you’re reading this, then you must have come into your powers. Carmen and Eleazar were my most trusted advisors and protectors, not to mention my closest friends. They are the two people whom I trust most in the world, besides your mother.

I’ll tell you about her later …

I wanted to tell you about me and our legacy first. Our family has been royalty in the magical world since its inception. Magic transcends languages and time. If anything, magic grows stronger the longer it lays dormant.

Right now?

Magic is bubbling and threatening to burst from the depths of your body and the bodies of all magical creatures. Our job as fae is to control that power. You must control your power and the rest of the power follows suit. That takes concentration and focus. Carmen will help you. She’s been around a long time and will help guide you with your focus. She helped me with mine.

I can imagine that you’re feeling overwhelmed. I wished like hell that I was there to help you, guide you. You were the singular most important thing in my life. I loved you so much. When I held you in my arms, you were so beautiful. Tiny, pink, squirmy and brimming with powers. You will be stronger than me, Edward. Your human mother had latent magic, carried over to you. I think that an ancestor of hers was an elf or a shapeshifter, but you were and are the most powerful being on this planet. 

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