Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Magic Within Update

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I worked with Bella, showing her the combinations that Emmett showed me. She was a quick study, but she couldn’t really fight quite yet. She was still healing from her latest ordeal with Jacob and I didn’t want to hurt her. I could tell that she was afraid of me hitting her, but I could never do that. It killed me to even fathom hitting a woman.

I understood the fae mentality of revering their females. They were something special and should be cherished.

But, I refused to deny my mate the right for vengeance and the ability to protect herself. I would do it for her, but having her by my side meant more than anything.

As the sun began to dip in the sky, Emmett ended our training session. “Make sure you drink a lot of water and stretch out,” he said. “Tomorrow, we’ll work with having you guys be a team. Also, there are some magical weapons you both need to be trained on. Edward, you have your father’s scimitars and Bella, you’ll be trained with a staff.”

“A staff?” Bella growled.

Emmett held up one finger and ran to a shed. He removed the staff, tossing it to her. She caught it deftly. “Flip your left wrist,” he commanded. Bella did so and four very brutal looking blades popped out. “Use your power.” The blades burned white hot. “They will not melt. As they get hotter, the stronger they get.”

“This is doable,” Bella said. “Edward, can you help cool them down?” I blew a cool breeze and the blades returned to their normal color before disappearing into the ebony wood. “How do you know this, Emmett? You were just as clueless as all of us.”

“Eleazar filled me in. He was supposed to be the one to train us, but when his powers were exhausted in the final battle prior to your father’s death, he wrote everything down. He gave me that information and I devoured it last night,” Emmett shrugged.

“When?” Rose asked. “We … um, mated, for almost four hours … uh, last night.”

Emmett beamed, kissing Rose and smacking her ass affectionately. “You crashed, baby. I was wired, so I read and absorbed all this information. It’s so fucking cool.” He looked back at me. “And Edward, the history of the fae … no words, man.”

“I have a lot of homework to do,” I snorted. “On top of maintaining the human fa├žade. Damn.”

“Speaking of which, you’re going back to work on Monday,” Carmen said, strolling out of the castle. “So am I. You’ve got the rest of the weekend to attend magical matters. Like, introducing yourself to the North American magical community. I’ve scheduled a livestream on the intranet for tomorrow evening.”

“We have an intranet? And a livestream?” I squeaked. “And what do I say? Hey, I’m Edward Cullen. I’m your leader.” 

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